The school aims to become an educational institution of the European standard, the graduation document of which would be recognized not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries. Targeted efforts are aimed at high quality education, as well as making vocational and general education accessible to the widest possible circle of persons, expanding opportunities for them to continue their education.
To provide vocational and general education training services to all groups of persons with such needs.
Openness, continuous improvement, tolerance, cozy environment, attention to consumers of educational services, principles of humanism and democracy.

The school ensures the safety of students, develops their moral and civic responsibility, develops value competencies, prepares them for life and work in a changing society. The school promotes equality, recognizes the inherent equality of people, and forms partnerships based on mutual respect among all members of the community. Good student preparation, high level of education, well-provided educational environment, various and comprehensive extracurricular activities make the school attractive to students with various needs and seeking to acquire a specialty and general education.